Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning Services

Spring Cleaning Services

As New cleaning understand that some people manage to keep their homes clean and most of the time do not require
a regular domestic cleaning service but with such busy lives, work commitments etc it is hard to get round to
that deep clean we all do once in a while, at As New we recommend a good professional deep spring clean performed a few times per year whilst making your home a safe and healthy place for you and your family.

If you are organizing a celebration at home and you are expecting a lot of guests, then one off cleaning is
exactly what you need to make your home look nice and welcoming in just a few hours.

Professional spring cleaning is helpful not only before celebrations but also after any event at your property
our one off cleaning service is suitable for customers who do not require cleaning on a regular basis Spring cleaning
can be performed one time only so you won’t be bound by a contract.

We just require a minimum of 4 hours per one-off cleaning visit, we also provide all the necessary cleaning materials
and equipment.

Our spring cleaning service includes:

Full insurance Cover, trained uniformed cleaners, no minimum contract, friendly customer service
All-Inclusive hourly rates
please contact us for any questions you may have